Leave it to me to create cool videos or photos for your brand. Check out some of the content I've created for a collaboration so far.


Stray Kids Butter Balm Set

Stray Kids Vegan Hand Butter

Olive Young Global



Stray Kids Unboxing

Album Unboxing

How to use the app


Stationery Deco


Evening routine

Behind The Scenes


Making Soba Noodles

Han's Dream House


You can find me on Youtube for vlogs, unboxings and sit-down videos. Recently I made a Solo in Seoul series from my 3 week trip there.

fashion week

As a photographer I visit Paris fashion week very often. Bringing my trusty yashica t4 to the scene but also experimenting with other cameras. Come along with me as I run from show to show, barely sleep & see the coolest people. Fashion week is a very busy ordeal but it's so much fun. So far I have vlogged most of my fashion week trips and will continue to do so.

concert vlogs

Visiting kpop concerts has been a reoccurring theme in the past years. Since a lot of groups don't visit the Netherlands, I often go on fun trips to other European cities with friends to go see our favourite idols in real life. I have lots of fun concerts planned for the new year so buckle up and come along with me!

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